8″ Gourmet Rhubarb Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag

$ 29.99

Dry Ice Ground Shipping Included!


Named “best pie in America” by the Wall Street Journal, Gourmet, Food Network, and generations of happy customers, The Elegant Farmer’s Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag and fruit pies feature mounds of fresh, juicy, sweet-tart apples and along with farm fresh Rhubarb. Baking in a paper bag creates a unique crunchy top crust and a light, flaky old fashioned bottom crust. Our Gourmet Rhubarb Apple Pie combines all of the goodies to make this nationally acclaimed classic pie a taste treat.

Once received, heat and serve. The pie stays fresh up to 4 days or keeps frozen up to 90 days. Enjoy!

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 10 in


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